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Jazz Piano Lessons from anywhere in the world from the originator of Distance Jazz Piano!

Jazz Piano Lessons !

Hi, My name is Mark Miller and I am a professional jazz piano instructor. For over 10 years now I’ve taught jazz piano lessons to students worldwide , in the comfort of their home, over the telephone and or Skype, how to be creative at the piano !

I have developed my own technique to teach students using chord based piano skills so that they can start playing popular songs after just 1 lesson. Students have access to over 3200 custom leadsheets/songs and over 400 Instructional Audio Podcasts .

I teach using a Non-Traditional approach which emphasizes Musical Concepts instead of notes. Concepts like : Chord Construction, Jazz Voicings, Improvisation, Scalar Fills, Reharmonization, Walking Bass Lines, Chord Substitution and many other arranging techniques.

If you want to learn ” how to fish ” , then Jazz Piano Lessons are for you ! Unlike classical piano lessons, quality jazz piano lessons consist of learning concepts like ” Tri-Tone Chord Substitution”, Diatonic Chord qualities, Analyzing Chord Progessions to expedite memorization, Chord voicings, Rootless Chord Voicings, Walking Bass Lines, ” Pop ” Bass Lines, Latin Bass Lines, Chord Insertion Techniques, Chord Coloring Concepts, Chord Substitution Techniques, Improvisation, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Bass ” Fills ” , Scalar Fills and more !