Mark Miller is interviewed by BBC Radio Solent

BBC Radio Solent interviews Jazz Pianist/ Instructor Mark Miller

Of all my radio interviews, on 3 continents and counting, my BBC Radio Solent interview was the most fun! The disc-jockey John was a real humorous gentleman who’s temperament was infectious. For example his quote during the interview ” How about lessons .. across THE POND “.

My interview with BBC Radio Solent was difficult to get , but once I landed it, it was a gas ! My first ” Distance Learning ” student was from Romsey England, just down the road from BBC Radio Solent’s studios. So it only seemed natural to try and get an interview with the radio station closest to my “First paying student ” Mr. Ray Foulkes.

Ray studied with me for over 7 years and only recently took a ” sabbatical ” due to the financial crises of 2008. Ray has since put up some original music on You Tube which has caught the eye of many aspiring creative pianists worldwide.

Since my interview with BBC Radio Solent, I’ve been featured, along with a one-handed blind student , on ITV near Colchester, England. I find it positively delightful to speak with the English, they have such an interesting accent LOL.

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About Mark

My name is Mark Miller. I'm a professional jazz pianist and jazz piano instructor. I studied with Tony Caramia and Alan Swain. I teach piano to students around the world over the phone! Sometimes I use Skype but mostly I use a conventional land line. I have 2 CD's for purchase and I perform 10 hours a week at a lunchtime gig. My passion is being creative at the piano!

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