Washington Post Article April 21st , 2013


I am very excited to say that the Washington Post will be featuring my ” Distance Learning Jazz Piano ” teaching this coming Sunday, April 21st, 2013. The article will be in the ” Style ” section and will highlight my student from Virginia, Sophia Townley. Sophia has the use of her right hand only so I’m proud to be able to say that she is one of my best students. I write ” one-handed ” arrangements for Sophia. She knows all her triads and their inversions. And she knows over half of her 4-note chords! Sophia is one of 3 students that I teach worldwide who have the use of just one hand.

Just a little background on ” ONE – HANDED ” piano. Most of the ” ONE – HANDED ” piano arrangements are for left hand and almost 95% are classical pieces. I’ve written over 70 ” ONE – HANDED ” piano arrangements of popular tunes. The Washington Post article did not allude to this fact but I think it is significant. This is because, most students want to play songs that they recognize.

All and all I think the Washington Post article , featuring my unique piano teaching method to ” ONE – HANDED ” students, was fantastic! I hope the article is found by potential students who will find Sophia Townley to be inspiring !