Mark Miller is interviewed by Liam Bartlett at ABC Radio Australia

ABC Radio Australia Interviews Mark Miller !

What a kick ! Liam Bartlett of ABC Radio Perth, Australia interviewed me in November 2005. Being as Perth Australia is 17 hours ahead of Chicago USA, we did the interview at around 7 p.m. Chicago time, which was around 11 a.m. Perth time.

Liam was a real delight to talk with. I could almost understand all his ” english words” LOL. ABC Radio Australia contacted me via land-line phone after reading an article about my unique ” Distance Learning Jazz Piano Institute ” in the British newspaper, London Telegraph. How the producer got a hold of the newspaper I’m not sure.. but it was a sheer delight to hear that ABC Radio Australia wanted to interview me !

I offered to give Liam a free, no-obligation lesson over the phone. He said he might take me up on the offer. When I initially told him how the lessons work, ” over the phone ” , he seemed incredulous. I have to admit that it is a bit hard to believe that piano lessons can be conducted over the phone. But why not.. I can hear the quality of the chord type and because the arrangements are all ” custom written ” by myself, I know exactly how they should sound. All the fingering is indicated in the PDF songs/ arrangements that I email to students. I look forward to teaching some of the piano students in ” OZ ” !

Mark Miller is interviewed by WCBS Radio New York

WCBS Radio New York Interviews Mark Miller !

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by WCBS Radio New York in the fall of 2012. They interviewed my student from Long Island New York, as well as my student in England who is blind. The interview was very succinct and it was nice to hear my playing in the background during the ” speaking / interviews”. WCBS Radio New York is the most powerful radio station east of the Mississippi River.

Deborah Pitts, one of my best students commented on how I can hear just the slightest nuance in chords. I can hear the chord if the chord is being played as a major 7th versus a dominant 7th or a minor 7th. I did not always have such a good ear. But because I’ve been teaching ” Long Distance ” for over 10 years now, my ear has really gotten good. I’d like to thank WCBS Radio New York for their fine interview and I look forward to following up with them as my business expands.

I’ve also been interviewed on BBC Radio Solent and ABC Radio Australia as well as 2 radio stations in Chicagoland, WAUK Waukegan and WBEZ public radio Chicago. Take a listen. Some of these interviews can be listened to by going to the homepage of this website. I think you’ll find these other radio interviews to be very enlightening as well as inspirational.

Mark Miller is interviewed by BBC Radio Solent

BBC Radio Solent interviews Jazz Pianist/ Instructor Mark Miller

Of all my radio interviews, on 3 continents and counting, my BBC Radio Solent interview was the most fun! The disc-jockey John was a real humorous gentleman who’s temperament was infectious. For example his quote during the interview ” How about lessons .. across THE POND “.

My interview with BBC Radio Solent was difficult to get , but once I landed it, it was a gas ! My first ” Distance Learning ” student was from Romsey England, just down the road from BBC Radio Solent’s studios. So it only seemed natural to try and get an interview with the radio station closest to my “First paying student ” Mr. Ray Foulkes.

Ray studied with me for over 7 years and only recently took a ” sabbatical ” due to the financial crises of 2008. Ray has since put up some original music on You Tube which has caught the eye of many aspiring creative pianists worldwide.

Since my interview with BBC Radio Solent, I’ve been featured, along with a one-handed blind student , on ITV near Colchester, England. I find it positively delightful to speak with the English, they have such an interesting accent LOL.

WCBS Radio New York Interviews Jazz Pianist / Instructor Mark Miller

Mark Miller is interviewed by WCBS Radio New York

In September 2012 I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by WCBS Radio New York. This is the most powerful radio station east of the Mississippi. It can be heard all the way in Chicago, IL in the late evening hours.

I was interviewed by Alex Silverman. Alex did a very thorough interview. He ended up interviewing my student from Long Island, NY. Her name is Deborah Pitts. She is one of my best students and has been taking lessons for almost 2 years now.

It was not easy getting an interview with WCBS Radio New York. I had to call Tim Scheld, the news manager many times. But after a few months of ” surgical ” reminders I got the call for the interview.

I think Alex Silverman did a fantastic job. He incorporated the playing of my ” blind and one-handed ” student, Catherine Turner, from England. Of all the interviews in the USA , I think WCBS Radio New York was the most comprehensive. The interview was well balanced and to the point.

I look forward to even more radio interviews across the USA. WCBS Radio New York was a real delight for me to be a part of. Thank you Alex Silverman !