Instructional Podcasts

Instructional Podcasts !

What better way to learn than to listen to Customized Instructional Podcasts. It’s like having a teacher by your side 24/7. Jazz Piano lessons are particularly suited for Instructional Podcasts.
The reason being that a good jazz piano teacher will teach their students CONCEPTS !

In traditional classical piano lessons, you are taught notes and fingering. This is mainly ” rote ” learning. But in Jazz Piano, the student is ideally taught how music is structured, how the circle of 5ths is often the underlying harmonic movement, how certain chords can substitute for other chords etc..

These Jazz Concepts are ” lifelong “. In other words, once one completely understands a concept, they don’t have to ” practice it ” everyday.. Their brain can ” retrieve ” the concept at will. So when a jazz pianist looks at a song / lead sheet, they can instantly recognize a pattern, we all learn by patterns, and recall that pattern as a ” concept ” that they learned and mastered years ago.

For example, the song Fly Me To The Moon, uses Circle of 5th’s movement throughout the song. In fact there are only 3 times that the chords DO NOT move by Circle. So, once one understands the significance of the ” circle of 5ths’ , then they can draw on that concept and look for it in all songs. Once identified, the student then can use this ” Circle of 5ths” concept to memorize songs in minutes. It is quite extraordinary !

I have recorded, as of August 2013, 400 Instructional Podcasts. I will begin offering ” CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONAL PODCAST ” lessons in the fall of 2013 . If you don’t have time for ” real – time ” lessons, these podcasts offer a expeditious and cost effective way to learn to be creative at the piano ! Email me for a free example.