Chord Drills

“Chord Drills” Podcasts
A series of podcasts designed to build theĀ fundamentalĀ building blocks of harmony and to enhance your technique.

I’ve found the Chord Drills to be very helpful with my students. First of all , if you don’t practice your chord drills, then you will not be able to play chords ” instantly” , at sight. Being able to play chords at sight, without hesitation is integral to being able to improvise. You can’t focus on improvisation if your left hand is thinking about the notes of a particular chord.

Some of the Chord Drills talk about how to construct the chords and other podcasts help to give the student a sense of how well they can play their Chord Drills. In other words, some of the podcasts talk about a ” very good ” , ” Excellent” and or ” Professional ” timing to complete all types of chords ” around the circle of 5ths”.

I find that if the student can not play through all 12 major triads , for example , in approximately 24 seconds , then they need to keep practicing the chord drills. Again , the goal is to be able to ” hit ” any chord instantly so as to be able to improvise with the right hand and also to be a fluent piano player.