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“One Handed Piano” Podcasts

For the past 10 years I’ve had the distinct pleasure of teaching One Handed Piano to students around the world! One of my students in Kay Breslin. She started taking One Handed Piano lessons about 10 years ago from her home in Chicagoland. A friend of Kay’s commissioned me to write a One Handed Piano arrangement of the song titled ” That’s All “. Kay was initially very apprehensive about playing with just her right hand. She thought the sound would be thin and trivial.. sort of like a kid playing Chop Sticks.

Well, 10 years on , and almost 70 One Handed Piano arrangments later she plays songs like : As Time Goes By, Misty, Just The Way You Are, Through The Years, If Ever I Would Leave You and many more! Kay is my best student and an inspiration to the thousands of potential One Handed Piano Students around the world.

Fox News Chicago interviewed Kay in April 2004. You can view the video clip on my home page. When you hear what Kay sounds like with one hand, many people are like ” if she can sound like that with one hand, I can certainly sound pretty good with 2 hands”. Thanks for being such a hard working piano student Kay! You are an inspiration to so many people !

Here are 2 of them.
“Yesterday”, by the Beatles, is an “Advanced Beginner” version.
“When You Wish Upon A Star” is an “Advanced Intermediate” level arrangement.

Enjoy !