Transform Songs

“Transform Songs” Podcasts

This section of ” Instructional Podcasts ” talks about how to ” Transform Songs “. When I say ” Transform Songs” I mean arrange the song so as to be able to say ” This is me, no one else plays this song like I do “. This is a very powerful statement and I believe the main reason that playing jazz is so rewarding. Every song/leadsheet is an opportunity to express yourself through transforming the harmony, rhythm and melody into your own musical statement.

Have a listen to how I transform songs from a basic harmonic arrangement, i.e. level 1 , to a intermediate level 4 or 5 , to a ” professional ” level 9 or more . These podcasts are not so much to show specific techniques as to quickly show you the many ways to arrange/ transform a song.

To me, creating unique and ” unexpected ” harmonies is the most rewarding part of playing jazz piano. I hope you are inspired to be creative at the piano by listening to these podcasts. If you would like more information about signing up for ” podcast ” lessons, please email me or call me at 847 – 401 -1721 . I have several students for whom I record ” custom ” instructional podcast. The student requests certain songs and we talk about what concepts would be best to teach via a specific song!