Mission Statement

To TEACH, in their home, on their own piano/keyboard, anywhere in the world, students how to play jazz piano, thru a Non Traditional approach which emphasizes Musical Concepts, not notes. We do this through the thorough understanding of Chord Construction, Jazz Voicings, and Arranging Techniques. Students can then enjoy the lifelong pleasure that playing piano brings!

Have you ever overheard yourself saying any of the following:

“ Oh, I only play when no one’s around.”
“ Well, I took lessons when I was a kid, but now I can’t play a note.”
“ Well, I can read music and everything, but it takes me forever to learn new songs”
“ I can really play the guitar well, but I sit down at the piano and just struggle.”
“ I just want to be able to play songs I like, you know?”

Relax. Help is here.

My name is Mark Miller, Years ago my life was changed by 2 really great piano teachers, Alan Swain and Tony Caramia.

I’ve figured out a few things:

The traditional methods of teaching piano don’t work for everyone.

Adults learn differently from children.

Learning to play classical music on the piano does not satisfy students who are Interested in jazz or popular music.

Scales won’t teach you songs.


Two things your should know:

I have a revolutionary new way of teaching the piano to adults. You will learn more in one lesson than you learned in years of lessons as a kid. You will play songs, probably within a month.

It Doesn’t matter where you are. I teach students everywhere – on the phone.
All you need is a piano or keyboard, and a headset or speakerphone.

The rest is up to me.