Tony Caramia

As I stated, Tony Caramia, professional jazz pianist/teacher has changed my life! I can honestly say that I would not be making a living performing and teaching jazz/pop piano to students from around the world, had I not had the good fortune of taking jazz piano classes from Tony Caramia. First at my local Community college and then at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Tony inspired me through his teaching and passionate performance of Jazz Piano. Immediately subsequent to my jazz classes at U of Ilinois I landed a gig on Grand Cayman Island for 6 months. This was the catalyst which launched my musical career.

Rather than going on and on about Tony, I’d like to quote from the website “jazz by mail” This is what it says:

Tony Caramia – is professor of Piano and Director of Piano Pedagogy Studies at the prestigious Eastman School of Music. A truly renaissance musician, he is gifted as a concert pianist, conservatory professor, ragtime / novelty performer, internationally active music clinician, and contemporary composer at home with synthesizers and electronic music. Tony travels throughout the world giving concerts, training teachers, and participating in national and international music conferences.
CD’s by Tony Caramia

Zebra Stripes

Nimble Fingered Gentleman

Brass Knuckles

To find out more about DISTANCE LEARNING JAZZ PIANO LESSONS, in your home, over the phone, anywhere throughout the world, from a former student of Tony Caramia’s, call Mark Miller at 800-327-4266 or email me at markmiller [at] pianoweb [dot] com