Beginning Piano Lessons

This week I’ll talk about what you should and should not be learning as a ” beginner ” piano student.

From lesson 1 you should be learning to read the treble clef notes and practicing your 3 note chords.  This will enable you to play what are called ” lead sheets”.  Lead Sheets are a written melody in the Treble clef, one note, and a chord symbol above those melody notes.

If you are only reading notes, you are taking the long road to learning piano.  There is plenty of time to learn to read the Bass clef.  What a beginner needs to do is get a ” big ” sound in a short period of time. Learning all 60 of your 3-note chords enables the student to be playing 4 notes simultaneously in a matter of days!  ( 4 notes consisting of 3 in the left hand chord and 1 in the right hand melody line).

As many of my adult students recall their piano lessons as kids, they frequently comment on how boring and arduous lessons were. Playing songs is exhilarating!  But most students don’t have the patience to wait 2 years to play their favorite songs.

There is no reason why a student can’t be playing songs like Yesterday, Misty, As Time Goes By , Moon River etc.. after a month or 2 of lessons.  Well actually there is one reason why they can’t and that is if they are taught to only read the notes.

95% of all piano teachers teach only the written note.  And 95% of all piano students can’t play a song after 6 months of lessons. Now that is a travesty.

Beginning students beware.  Don’t be caught in the vicious circle of weekly boring rote lessons! Take from a jazz teacher and learn life-long concepts that will enable you to play quickly and with an understanding of how music works!  You owe it to yourself!